FAKt 1: Unmissable in his yellow ski suit, Jakov Fak has become one of the most recognisable biathletes around and one of the most popular, which is a little surprising as he doesn’t come from one of the “big” biathlon nations.

FAKt 2: Jakov was born on 1 August 1987 in Rijeka, Croatia. He originally competed for Croatia but trained with the Slovenian team. With this system he won a bronze medal at the World Championships in 2009 and a bronze medal at the last Olympics in 2010.

FAKt 3: Later in 2010 he switched to compete for Slovenia. This brought more success in the form of a gold medal in the individual and a silver in the mixed relay at the 2012 World Championships in Ruhpolding. And this year he won the sprint in his home race in Pokljuka.

FAKt 4: Jakov is one of the faster skiers on the World Cup tour. He also has a pretty consistent shooting record both in the prone and stand positions. This is pretty impressive for someone who almost lost his trigger finger due to 3rd degree frostbite in 2011.

FAKt 5: Jakov finished the season 4th overall, a personal best, behind Fourcade, Svendsen and Landertinger. A significant progression from his 17th in the previous year. He was on the podium seven times including his sprint Bronze at the IBU World Championships.

2012/13 Selected Results:

1st SPRINT Pokljuka (SLO)
1ST PURSUIT Hochfilzen (AUT)
3RD SPRINT Hochfilzen (AUT)
2ND PURSUIT Antholz-Anterselva (ITA)
3RD SPRINT Antholz-Anterselva (ITA)
3RD SPRINT Nove Mesto (CZE)

So those are the fakts what about some opinion. As you can see from the results, Jakov has probably done best in the Sprint event. Considering the group of biathletes he is competing against that is no easy feat. For this reason I would give him a big chance of upgrading his Olympic sprint bronze to gold next year. I would love to see him challenge for the Chrystal globe in this event too. Let’s face it someone needs to wrestle a few of those globes from Fourcade and I reckon he is the man for the job in the sprint if not some of the other events too.

Also it can’t be easy to decide to represent another country . Although having little choice if he wanted to become more successful and continue competing, I would imagine that it is still not an easy decision to make. Hopefully this has provided him with a stronger mental attitude and the added motivation of making not just 1 but 2 nations proud.

He also seems like a nice guy as he regularly updates his Facebook page and comments on or likes the fans messages which not a lot of people do. And his performance in “The Spy who loved Biathlon” was hilarious and surely a role as a comic actor awaits him after he hangs up his skis!

So in conclusion, nice guy, comedian, fast skier, good shot and the support of two nations behind him, in short a great biathlete.

And that’s a fakt!

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