Those who Win-disch never quit!


Now that big brother Markus has retired it falls solely upon the shoulders of Dominik Windisch to uphold the family name on the world stage of biathlon! To be fair he was doing a pretty good job of that alongside his brother and recent results suggest that he can continue to get better even though he is on his own.

Dominik was born in Brunico on the 6th of November 1989. According to his website he is a “real South Tyrolean guy”. I am not exactly sure what that is but I think it means wearing Lederhosen and drinking beer but I can’t be 100% sure!! 😉 He lives in Oberrasen which is located in Pustertal near to Antholz. Handy!

He made his World Cup debut for Italy in Oslo in 2011. Since then he has improved immensely and is now the proud owner of an Olympic bronze medal. Along with Lukas Hofer, Dorothea Wierer and Karin Oberhofer he came third in the Mixed Relay in Sochi and put the icing on the cake of a fantastic season for Italian biathlon. The whole team have produced some great performances not only in the relays but individually too like Hofer getting his first win and Wierer getting her first podium on the World Cup.

An 11th place in the Sprint was Dominik’s best result individually in Sochi which was a great effort. In fact the previous year in the Sochi test races on the World Cup he achieved his best ever result which was a 5th place also in the Sprint. It’s a really tough track so his results there are really positive although the altitude probably helped him a bit. Living and training at altitude back home must have been great for his Olympic preparation.

Dominik has a lot of TOP 25 finishes on his C.V in the short time he has been competing at the top level. However he only has 1 TOP 10 finish. It has to be one of his targets for the new season to break into the TOP 10 more often although that is easier said than done. After their Sochi performance the Italian Mixed Relay team have to one of the favourites in Kontiolahti to win another medal at the World Championships so Dominik has a big season in front of him.

To take the pressure off a bit Dominik’s hobby is drawing. He has recently ventured into the world of 3D drawing and you can sometimes see his work on Facebook. He gets his artistic skills from his father who paints in oil and also sculpts in wood. It is very important for biathletes to have a hobby outside of the sport as you could drive yourself crazy if all you think about is biathlon. Dominik has his own website too in German, Italian and English although interestingly only the Italian part gives you all the artistic information(outrageous stereotyping 🙂 )! I also learned that he has a motto which I am sure will serve him well in his career. Those who quit never Win-disch and those who Win-disch never quit!

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