This biathlon blog is written by a biathlon fan for biathlon fans. It in no way claims to be an expert blog with in depth technical and insightful knowledge!!!

It is basically opinion, thoughts and a bit of fun for the avid biathlon fan.

In this blog you will find 4 pages dedicated to different aspects of biathlon.
On the Homepage there is news, results and stories from the biathlon season.
In Biathlete 23 you can follow the results of whoever wears bib 23 in each race in homage to the blog’s name.
In Social Biathlon you can find details of the biathlete’s social media pages and follow them.
In What? you will find oddities,funny stories and interesting news from biathlon and other winter sports.

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4 thoughts on “About”

  1. Susan also has a distant relative, Silas Dunklee, who was on US national nordic combined team in 1949-1950. He appeared in a British Pathe movie about the competition in Lake Placid (1949) for the team. I’ve got more links if you need them.

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