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Oberhof #2 2021: Women’s Sprint!

It’s the second week in Oberhof and the second women’s sprint and the same winner! It’s also the second time I have written that sentence!

Yes Tiril Eckhoff followed teammate Johannes Boe’s lead and won the sprint again. It is her third sprint win in a row something that hasn’t been done on the women’s World Cup since 2012 when Magdelena Neuner won 5 in row. She also gave the Norwegian women their 50th sprint win on the World Cup.

She did all that even with missing one target. An error in the standing didn’t stop her winning by 9.3 seconds. In second place with clean shooting was Dorothea Wierer who seems to be returning to form. However she still has a way to go to match Eckhoff but there is time for her to do that before the World Championships in February.

It was the same again for Lisa Hauser today taking her third ‘third’ in a row. Again she shot 10/10 and now that her ski speed has improved markedly it is putting her on the podium. I bet Oberhof is her favourite venue now!

The Bouchet family took 4th and 5th with Justine Braisaz-Bouchet and Anais Chevalier-Bouchet. Justine was perfect on the range but Anais missed one in the standing. Weirdly despite the surnames they managed to marry to unrelated Bouchets so are only French and biathlon family not real family!

Sixth place went to Franziska Preuss with 9/10. Behind her came yellow bib rivals Hanna Oberg in 7th and Marte Olsbu Roeiseland in 8th.

Julia Schwaiger got her personal best in 9th with 10/10. Ekaterina Noskova did the same in 50th. Other women to hit the perfect score on the range were Janina Hettich (13th), Maren Hammerschmidt (17th), Mona Brorsson (18th), Tuuli Tomingas (20th), Caroline Colombo (26th), Eva Puskarcikova (45th), Alla Ghilenko (61st), Christina Reider (68th) and Julia Machyniakova (83rd).

Ingrid Tandrevold wasn’t able to finish the race today. She was feeling unwell after her second shoot and had to pull out but she is OK.

There are no pursuits as it’s one of those odd World Cups when they just have a sprint. The next race for the women is the relay on Saturday.

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KONTIOLAHTI 2020 #2: The Sprints!

It is now the official first round of the World Cup in Kontiolahti and of course Boe won the men’s sprint! But it wasn’t Johannes this time it was Tarjei!

Taking his first win in 3 years the older Boe shot clean and skied fast to ensure no one else could catch him. It was the also the first time he has finished ahead of little brother when they have both been on the podium. That’s right he may not have won this time but Johannes still did enough to finish third. A missed shot in the prone cost him the victory but I’m sure he was happy to see his brother win if he couldn’t.

Separating the brothers on the podium was Arnd Peiffer. He shot 10 but couldn’t ski fast enough to challenge Tarjei. Did I mention the winner was wearing bib23 – explains a lot I think!

Benjamin Weger was 4th, Erlend Bjoentegaard 5th and Jakov Fak was 6th all shooting 10/10.

Getting a well deserved personal best in 13th was Sergey Bocharnikov with 10 hits. Also shooting the perfect ten were Michal Krcmar (10th), Felix Leitner (17th), Antonin Guigonnat (21st), Christian Gow (25th), Matvey Eliseev (33rd), Linas Banys (66th) and Pavel Magazeev (68th a PB).

The women had some difficult conditions in their race with heavy snowfall and wind. It didn’t stop Hanna Oberg from winning her second sprint in a row having never won one before last week. She was confident on the range hitting all ten targets and is skiing super fast too.

Second place went to Anais Chevalier-Bouchet. She missed last season after having a baby girl but has come back all guns blazing so to speak! She also hit all the targets and finished 10 seconds from the win.

Elvira Oberg was third despite 1 miss in the stand. It was her personal best result and her first time on the podium. Getting to share it with her big sister must have been nice for them both.

Following the Boe brothers result from earlier in the day it was a victory for the older siblings over those young upstarts!

Marte Olsbu Roeiseland was 4th, Denise Herrmann 5th and Marketa Davidova 6th. All three hit 9/10.

Irina Kazakevich continued her good run of improvement with another personal best of 13th. Irene Lardschneider also got a PB in 46th and made the pursuit for the first time.

Considering the conditions these ladies did well to hit the perfect ten – Valentina Semerenko (9th), Julia Schwaiger (12th), Dunja Zdouc (17th), Darya Blashko (18th), Karoline Knotten (22nd), Tamara Voronina (27th), Christina Rieder (60th) and Annija Sabule (69th a PB).

Can’t wait for the first pursuits of the season! The men race on Saturday and the women on Sunday.

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KONTIOLAHTI #1: The Sprints!

And just like that normal service was resumed on the men’s World Cup! After finishing in an unfamiliar second place in the individual Johannes Thingnes Boe stormed back to win the sprint race by 44 seconds.

He hit 10/10 and unless he gets kidnapped by aliens on the final lap it’s almost impossible to stop him winning. His skiing is phenomenal and if he hits the targets the victory is inevitable.

Behind Mr.Boe we noramlly expect to see Frenchmen but not today. It was the Swedes who took up the rest of the podium. Sebastian Samuelsson was second hitting 9/10 and Martin Ponsiluoma was third also with 9 hits. The Swedish team are flying at the minute and seem to have found the ski speed to match their good shooting.

Vetle Christiansen was 4th with 1 miss. Jakov Fak was 5th with 10/10 and Quentin Fillon Maillet 6th also hitting all ten.

There were a few more perfect shoots in the field today with Ondrej Moravec (10th), Michal Krcmar (16th), Adam Runnalls(PB in 46th), Michal Sima (50th) and Andrzej Nedza-Kubiniec (56th) all shooting clean.

There was a personal best for Jake Brown too in 30th with 9/10. His previous best was 40th also in a sprint race. Semen Suchilov also got a PB in 36th with 1 miss.

In the women’s race it was Hanna Oberg who came out on top. It was a fabulous display of biathlon from her shooting 10/10 and winning by almost 24 seconds. Sprint isn’t usually her thing and it’s her first win in this discipline. It was the exact opposite podium from the men with Norway filling up spots 2 and 3 this time.

Marte Olsbu Roeiseland was second with 10/10 and Karoline Knotten was third reaching the podium for the very first time in third also hitting 10.

The top 4 all hit 10 with Johanna Skottheim cleaning too. 5th went to another Swede Mona Brorsson with 9/10 and getting a second PB in 2 days was Dzinara Alimbekava in 6th also with 1 miss.

There was some unbelieveable shooting in the women’s field with Tuuli Tomingas (PB in 7th), Chloe Chevalier (8th), Maren Hammerschmidt (9th), Emilie Kalkenberg (PB in 14th), Iryna Kryuko (15th), Aita Gasparin (20th), Lisa Vittozzi (25th), Clare Egan (27th), Monika Hojnisz-Starega (31st), Christina Rieder (33rd), Dunja Zdouc (34th), Kinga Zbylut (40th), Maria Zdravkova (73rd), Asuka Hachisuka (75th) and Ieva Puce (103rd) all hitting 10/10! Well done ladies!

Irina Kazekevich pushed her personal best up to 28th with 9/10.

It’s now time for the biathletes to pack their bags for the long journey to….Kontiolahti! That’s right we are staying here for World Cup round 1 proper which starts on Thursday with more sprints! See you then!

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Antholz 2020: Women’s Individual!

It was a little bit windy in Antholz today for the Women’s Individual which always makes it fun – especially with a minute penalty per miss!!!

In fact there was only one woman who hit 20/20 today and that was Galina Vishnevskaya however that was only good enough for 9th place.

In the end 18/20 was good enough for the win and that meant another gold medal for Dorothea Wierer! She is having a dream world championships picking up her third medal in four races. She had to work hard for this one too as she missed 1 shot on the first prone and one shot on the first stand! She cleaned her final 10 though and managed to take the victory but just 2.2 seconds!

The silver medal went to Vanessa Hinz who hit 19/20 and maybe thought that gold was hers for a second before Wierer’s final shoot. It is her first individual medal at a world championships.

The bronze medal went to Marte Olsbu Roeiseland who now has a medal from every race – two gold and two bronze. She also hit 18/20 but was almost 16 seconds behind Wierer at the end.

Hanna Oeberg also missed 2 to finish in 4th but that was good enough to win her the small crystal globe in the Indivdual as there are no more races this season in the event.

Franziska Preuss was 5th and Monika Hojnisz- Starega 6th both with 18/20.

Christina Rieder got her first top 10 finish and PB coming 7th with 19/20. Milena Todorova continues to impress with a new PB of 17th missing 2 shots. Nadia Moser improved her personal best to 33rd with 17/20 and Daniela Kadeva got her PB in 36th with 18/20. Lotte Lie moved her PB to 45th also with 18/20 and despite 5 misses Michela Carrara got hers in 49th.

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Pokljuka 2020: The Individuals!

The final round of the World Cup before World Champs got underway in Pokljuka on Thursday. The men’s individual was the race and the tracks are slightly different this year. I guess they had to make them harder for the World Champs next year!

It was business as usual for Johannes Boe after coming back after the birth of his first son Gustav. He shot 20/20 and as we know if he doesn’t miss a shot he wins! It was like he has never been away!

Second place went to Martin Fourcade who also shot the perfect score but isn’t fast enough to challenge Johannes on the skis. He finished 11 seconds behind the Norwegian.

In third place was Fabien Claude who also hit 20/20 to achieve his first World Cup podium and a new personal best. It’s actually a remarkable performance after the news that his father, is missing after his snowmobile crashed through ice on a frozen lake in Canada.

Philipp Nawrath also hit all the targets finshing fourth to collect his personal best. Johannes Dale was 5th with one miss and Uncle Tarjei was 6th also with 19/20.

The only other man to hit 20/20 was Kirill Streltsov. If you follow the juniors you will recognise the name and the talent! Coming 17th on your World Cup debut is pretty good! Jinle Tang and Simon Bartko also got their best results so far in 43rd and 44th.

On Friday the women raced in sunny conditions and this time a Norwegian didn’t win the race or even get on the podium! It was Denise Herrmann who took her first win in the individual shooting 20/20 for the first time in this race. Hanna Oeberg was second despite missing a target so she must be on incredible ski form finishing just under a minute behind Herrmann.

Third place went to Anais Bescond who hit 20/20 for her first podium of the season. Lisa Vittozzi hit 20/20 to take 4th which is good news for her with the home World Champs coming up soon. Franziska Preuss was 5th also hitting all the targets and Clare Egan was 6th with the perfect shoot to claim her best ever finish in an individual race.

Tiril Eckhoff missed 3 targets to finish 18th and Dorothea Wierer missed 4 to finish 23rd.

Aita Gasparin took a personal best in 9th with 19/20 as did Christina Rieder in 21st with a perfect shoot. Belgium’s Lotte Lie was 53rd on her World Cup debut hitting 20/20 and Irina Starykh was the only other women to hit 20/20 in 8th place.

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