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Pokljuka 2021: Women’s Sprint!

It was a trigger finger numbingly cold day in Pokljuka for the women’s sprint. It started out sunny though with little wind but that would change!

After the Norwegian men failed to deliver a medal in the men’s event it was left to their women to restore some pride and that’s just what Tiril Eckhoff did! We all know how well she skis but today it was her shooting that won her the gold medal.

Starting with bib 18 the wind wasn’t a big issue in her prone but by the time it came to the standing it had picked right up. Eckhoff held her nerve and took her time to ensure she hit all the targets making it a perfect 10/10. It is a very difficult thing to do under such pressure.

She was one of the favourites after winning 3 sprints already this season so there was a lot of expectation on her shoulders. In fact the last time there was so much pressure on her was at her home World Championships in Olso in 2016. She won the sprint there too.

The silver medal went to France again with Anais Chevalier-Bouchet putting mixed relay disappointment behind her to get on the podium. She missed one in the standing and finished 12 seconds behind Eckhoff. Did I mention she was wearing bib23!!! 🙂

Third place was a surprise with Hanna Sola taking the bronze medal. She hit 10/10 to win her first World Championships medal and get her first ever podium finish. She has done pretty well in the relays this season but hasn’t shown this kind of form individually.

Denise Herrmann took 4th with 9/10, Lisa Vittozzi was looking back to her old self in 5th with 10/10 and despite 2 misses Marte Olsbu Roeiseland was 6th. Dorothea Wierer finished in 20th with 8/10 but has been feeling a little unwell.

Michela Carrara took a big personal best in 23rd as did her teammate Irene Lardschneider in 24th. Alla Ghilenko got her PB in 43rd and so did her teammate Alina Stremous in 53rd. Elena Chirkova got her best result too in 57th.

There is 1 minute separating the the top 10 in the pursuit tomorrow across 8 nations. You proabaly shouldn’t miss it!

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KONTIOLAHTI 2020 #2: The Sprints!

It is now the official first round of the World Cup in Kontiolahti and of course Boe won the men’s sprint! But it wasn’t Johannes this time it was Tarjei!

Taking his first win in 3 years the older Boe shot clean and skied fast to ensure no one else could catch him. It was the also the first time he has finished ahead of little brother when they have both been on the podium. That’s right he may not have won this time but Johannes still did enough to finish third. A missed shot in the prone cost him the victory but I’m sure he was happy to see his brother win if he couldn’t.

Separating the brothers on the podium was Arnd Peiffer. He shot 10 but couldn’t ski fast enough to challenge Tarjei. Did I mention the winner was wearing bib23 – explains a lot I think!

Benjamin Weger was 4th, Erlend Bjoentegaard 5th and Jakov Fak was 6th all shooting 10/10.

Getting a well deserved personal best in 13th was Sergey Bocharnikov with 10 hits. Also shooting the perfect ten were Michal Krcmar (10th), Felix Leitner (17th), Antonin Guigonnat (21st), Christian Gow (25th), Matvey Eliseev (33rd), Linas Banys (66th) and Pavel Magazeev (68th a PB).

The women had some difficult conditions in their race with heavy snowfall and wind. It didn’t stop Hanna Oberg from winning her second sprint in a row having never won one before last week. She was confident on the range hitting all ten targets and is skiing super fast too.

Second place went to Anais Chevalier-Bouchet. She missed last season after having a baby girl but has come back all guns blazing so to speak! She also hit all the targets and finished 10 seconds from the win.

Elvira Oberg was third despite 1 miss in the stand. It was her personal best result and her first time on the podium. Getting to share it with her big sister must have been nice for them both.

Following the Boe brothers result from earlier in the day it was a victory for the older siblings over those young upstarts!

Marte Olsbu Roeiseland was 4th, Denise Herrmann 5th and Marketa Davidova 6th. All three hit 9/10.

Irina Kazakevich continued her good run of improvement with another personal best of 13th. Irene Lardschneider also got a PB in 46th and made the pursuit for the first time.

Considering the conditions these ladies did well to hit the perfect ten – Valentina Semerenko (9th), Julia Schwaiger (12th), Dunja Zdouc (17th), Darya Blashko (18th), Karoline Knotten (22nd), Tamara Voronina (27th), Christina Rieder (60th) and Annija Sabule (69th a PB).

Can’t wait for the first pursuits of the season! The men race on Saturday and the women on Sunday.

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Brezno 2017: Youth World Champs!


Just a few days after the Senior World Championships ended attention was turned to Brezno-Osrblie for the Youth and Junior World Championships. Taking over hosting duties from Ostrov the youngsters all headed to Slovakia for the competition.

Wednesday was the first day of action and it was the Individual races that got us underway. The Youth Men went first. They have to be 19 or under to compete in the Youth races.

The first gold medal went to Canada when Leo Grandbois was the only biathlete to shoot the perfect score of 20/20. With a light drizzle and no wind it was quite surprising that he was the only one to shoot clean but it worked out well for him. Some others missed 14 or 15 shots out of 20 but they are just at the beginning of their careers and have plenty of time to improve the shooting. The silver medal went to Russia’s Said Khalili with 3 misses and the bronze medal went to Danilo Riethmueller of Germany also with 3 misses.

In the afternoon it was the turn of the Youth Women. This time France were victorious with Lou Jeanmonnet Laurent taking the gold medal with 19/20. The silver again went to Russia with Kristina Egorova also hitting 19/20 and the bronze medal went to Sweden’s Elvira Oeberg (yes there is another one!) who missed 2 targets.

On Thursday came the Sprints. The strong wind made conditions difficult but in the end it was Emilien Claude (the 3rd brother in the Claude biathlon dynasty) of France who dealt with them the best. He missed 2 targets but is a very good skier and won the race by 25 seconds. The silver medal went to Serhiy Telen of the Ukraine with 1 miss and the bronze went to Norway’s Sivert Bakken with 2 misses. Not one biathlete shot clean so 9/10 was the best shooting score possible.

The Women had slightly better conditions and the race was won by Irene Landschneider from Italy. She hit 9/10 to win by over a minute from second place. That went to Austria with Anna Gandler also hitting 9/10. Clean shooting and taking the bronze medal was another Italian Samuela Comola. The only other woman to shoot clean was Finland’s Maija Keraenen who was 13th.

Sunday was Pursuit day and for the men Emilien Claude kept his lead and won his second gold medal despite missing 4 targets. Italy took another medal with Cedric Cristille moving from 4th to 2nd to take silver with just 2 misses and bronze went to the German Danilo Riethmueller (4 misses) making that 2 medals for him.

Irene Landschneider

The women’s race produced yet another Italian medal with Irene Landschneider winning her second gold in a row and like Claude she also missed 4 shots. France’s Jeanmonnot took her second medal moving from 14th to 2nd with just 1 miss. Third went to Italy again with Samuela Comola hanging on to bronze.

The final races were held on Monday and it was the Men’s and Women’s Relays. The Youth Relays only have 3 biathletes instead of 4 racing. The men’s race was won by Norway with a team of Joergen Krogsaeter, Vebjoern Soerum and Sivert Bakken. They used just 6 spares between them. The Russian team took silver despite incurring 2 penalty loops on the final leg. The team of Aleksandr Miakonkii, Ilia Novopashin and Said Kalili beat Belarus into third. Their team of Kiryl Tsiuryn, Ilya Auseyenka and Dzmitry Lazouski needed just 8 spares.

The gold medal winners in the women’s race were the Russian team of Ekaterina Sannikova, Anastasiia Goreeva and Kristina Egorova. They also went on the penalty loop but still managed to beat the Norwegian team of Marthe Johansen, Marit Skogan and Mari Wetterhus who only used 4 spares. Italy took the bronze with a team of Samuela Comola, Irene Landschneider and Martina Vigna.

There were some very strong performances by the young biathletes here in Brezno with Emilien Claude and Irene Landschneider both winning double golds. It was a strong team performance by the young Italians overall and as usual the Germans, Russians and Norwegians all took medals. It will be interesting to see how they all progress in the next few years.

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