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KONTIOLAHTI 2020 #2: Relay/ Pursuit!

It was the final day in Kontiolahti and it played host to the men’s relay and the women’s pursuit.

Norway came out on top in the men’s relay after quite a comfortable race for Sturla Laegreid, Vetle Christiansen and the Boe brothers.

Laegreid was solid in the first leg and Christansen put Norway into a small lead after the second. Tarjei extended that lead with a fine performance and gave his brother a nice cushion at the final exchange.

Johannes did try to make it interesting for us by missing in the prone and the stand and breaking a pole but he had time to correct all these errors (with 4 spares) and still win by 40 seconds.

Sweden took second place after a battle on the final leg between them, Germany and Russia. Sebastian Samuelsson gave his team the silver thanks to just 1 miss in the stand compared to Benedikt Doll’s two and three for Alexander Loginov.

The team of Samuelsson, Martin Ponsiluoma, Jesper Nelin and Peppe Femling used 10 spares compared to 9 for Germany. Their squad of Doll, Arnd Peiffer, Roman Rees and Erik Lesser stayed third ahead of Russia in 4th as well as Italy in 5th and Austria in 6th.

Special mention for Sean Doherty who had the US team in first after the second shoot hitting 10/10 but was overtaken on the tracks before he could make the exchange. It was a day to forget for Emilien Jacquelin who incurred 3 penalty loops on the first leg for France which put them out of contention early on.

After Sweden won both races yesterday it was Norway’s turn to do the double. Tiril Eckhoff surprised everyone (including herself probably!) but hitting 20/20 to win the women’s pursuit.

Starting from 8th she looked back to Eckhoff from last season with some great shooting. Considering how terrible she has been on the range in Kontiolahti and that she effectively lost the World Cup here last season it was something of a redemption for her today.

World Cup leader Hanna Oberg started the race well and looked in control after shoot one. However she missed a target on the second prone and opened the door to Marte Olsbu Roeiseland who shot 0+0 in prone.

They came to shoot three together and both missed one which meant Tiril caught them both leaving the range. It was all down to the final stand and with her rivals both missing 1 again it was a joyful last loop for Eckhoff to take the win.

Olsbu broke a way from a slightly tired looking Oberg on the uphills to make it a 1-2 for Norway with Oberg settling for third.

Dzinara Alimbekava took 4th shooting 18/20 with another personal best for her. She is having an amazing season so far for Belarus. Johanna Skottheim was the only woman apart from Eckhoff to hit all 20 targets moving her from 20th to 5th and Ingrid Tandrevold rounded of the top 6 also hitting 18/20.

Darya Blashko got her personal best in 12th coming from 18th with just one miss in the first prone shoot.

Justine Braisaz-Bouchet went from 37th to 10th, Evgeniya Pavlova from 44th to 13th, Lisa Hauser 43rd to 15th, Julia Simon 56th to 17th and Lena Haecki from 52nd to 19th.

Now it’s time to head down to Austria for two more World Cup stages in Hochfilzen with Johannes Boe and Hanna Oberg packing the yellow bibs in their suitcases!

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KONTIOLAHTI 2020 #2: Pursuit/Relay!

Windy times in Kontiolahti which makes difficult conditions for the biathletes but of course lots of fun for us fans! It was an odd combination of men’s pursuit and women’s relay today and it will be vice versa tomorrow.

Tarjei Boe lead out the men’s pursuit after his sprint win on Thursday but unfortunately that didn’t last long. He missed 3 in the first prone and let his brother take over the lead. Tarjei is usually excellent in the pursuit but I think he is more of a chaser than a leader.

Johannes held on to his lead through the second prone and the first stand. However missing 1 in the first stand left the door open for Sebastian Samuelsson who was sneaking up from 18th place with 15/15 in the first three shoots.

By the final stand the two were neck and neck and arrived in the range together. They both missed a shot in the wind but then Boe missed another and so the victory went to Samuelsson. It was his first ever win on the World Cup and very well deserved after his excellent form this season.

There was a big fight behind him for the podium spots and Fabien Claude came from 11th with 3 penalty loops to take second place. Crucially he made his mistakes in the prone but hit 10/10 standing and was able to out ski both Johannes and Sturla Laegreid on the last lap.

Johannes held on for third with Laegreid 4th. Benedikt Doll was 5th and Jakov Fak continued his amazing run this season with 6th place.

Simon Eder was the only man to shoot 20/20 today which moved him from 41st to 13th. Remarkable shooting in the circumstances.

Emilien Jacquelin finally arrived at the World Cup going from 39th to 8th and teammate Quentin Fillon Maillet went from 30th to 10th.

The women also faced the wind in the relay and yet again it was Sweden who came out on top. The team of Johanna Skottheim, Mona Brorsson, Elvira and Hanna Oberg were excellent using just 8 spares to win the relay for the first time in nearly 10 years.

It was the third leg that was decisive with Elvira Oberg catching Chloe Chevalier and holding her nerve on their second standing shoot to put Sweden in the lead ahead of France. They both missed 2 shots but it was Oberg who knocked the targets down quicker with her spares.

She handed over to big sister Hanna who was amazingly composed and was never challanged for the win. Behind her came France with Anais Bescond, Anais Chevalier-Bouchet, Chloe Chevalier and Justine Braisaz-Bouchet with 9 spares in second.

Germany were third with a team of Vanessa Hinz, Fransiska Preuss, Maren Hammerschmidt and Denise Herrmann who used 12 spares.

Russia were 4th , Ukraine 5th and Italy 6th. Norway who were unbeaten in the relay last season were 9th mainly thanks to 3 penalty loops from Tiril Eckhoff who seems to have forgotten what she did last season!

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KONTIOLAHTI 2020 #2: The Sprints!

It is now the official first round of the World Cup in Kontiolahti and of course Boe won the men’s sprint! But it wasn’t Johannes this time it was Tarjei!

Taking his first win in 3 years the older Boe shot clean and skied fast to ensure no one else could catch him. It was the also the first time he has finished ahead of little brother when they have both been on the podium. That’s right he may not have won this time but Johannes still did enough to finish third. A missed shot in the prone cost him the victory but I’m sure he was happy to see his brother win if he couldn’t.

Separating the brothers on the podium was Arnd Peiffer. He shot 10 but couldn’t ski fast enough to challenge Tarjei. Did I mention the winner was wearing bib23 – explains a lot I think!

Benjamin Weger was 4th, Erlend Bjoentegaard 5th and Jakov Fak was 6th all shooting 10/10.

Getting a well deserved personal best in 13th was Sergey Bocharnikov with 10 hits. Also shooting the perfect ten were Michal Krcmar (10th), Felix Leitner (17th), Antonin Guigonnat (21st), Christian Gow (25th), Matvey Eliseev (33rd), Linas Banys (66th) and Pavel Magazeev (68th a PB).

The women had some difficult conditions in their race with heavy snowfall and wind. It didn’t stop Hanna Oberg from winning her second sprint in a row having never won one before last week. She was confident on the range hitting all ten targets and is skiing super fast too.

Second place went to Anais Chevalier-Bouchet. She missed last season after having a baby girl but has come back all guns blazing so to speak! She also hit all the targets and finished 10 seconds from the win.

Elvira Oberg was third despite 1 miss in the stand. It was her personal best result and her first time on the podium. Getting to share it with her big sister must have been nice for them both.

Following the Boe brothers result from earlier in the day it was a victory for the older siblings over those young upstarts!

Marte Olsbu Roeiseland was 4th, Denise Herrmann 5th and Marketa Davidova 6th. All three hit 9/10.

Irina Kazakevich continued her good run of improvement with another personal best of 13th. Irene Lardschneider also got a PB in 46th and made the pursuit for the first time.

Considering the conditions these ladies did well to hit the perfect ten – Valentina Semerenko (9th), Julia Schwaiger (12th), Dunja Zdouc (17th), Darya Blashko (18th), Karoline Knotten (22nd), Tamara Voronina (27th), Christina Rieder (60th) and Annija Sabule (69th a PB).

Can’t wait for the first pursuits of the season! The men race on Saturday and the women on Sunday.

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KONTIOLAHTI #1: The Sprints!

And just like that normal service was resumed on the men’s World Cup! After finishing in an unfamiliar second place in the individual Johannes Thingnes Boe stormed back to win the sprint race by 44 seconds.

He hit 10/10 and unless he gets kidnapped by aliens on the final lap it’s almost impossible to stop him winning. His skiing is phenomenal and if he hits the targets the victory is inevitable.

Behind Mr.Boe we noramlly expect to see Frenchmen but not today. It was the Swedes who took up the rest of the podium. Sebastian Samuelsson was second hitting 9/10 and Martin Ponsiluoma was third also with 9 hits. The Swedish team are flying at the minute and seem to have found the ski speed to match their good shooting.

Vetle Christiansen was 4th with 1 miss. Jakov Fak was 5th with 10/10 and Quentin Fillon Maillet 6th also hitting all ten.

There were a few more perfect shoots in the field today with Ondrej Moravec (10th), Michal Krcmar (16th), Adam Runnalls(PB in 46th), Michal Sima (50th) and Andrzej Nedza-Kubiniec (56th) all shooting clean.

There was a personal best for Jake Brown too in 30th with 9/10. His previous best was 40th also in a sprint race. Semen Suchilov also got a PB in 36th with 1 miss.

In the women’s race it was Hanna Oberg who came out on top. It was a fabulous display of biathlon from her shooting 10/10 and winning by almost 24 seconds. Sprint isn’t usually her thing and it’s her first win in this discipline. It was the exact opposite podium from the men with Norway filling up spots 2 and 3 this time.

Marte Olsbu Roeiseland was second with 10/10 and Karoline Knotten was third reaching the podium for the very first time in third also hitting 10.

The top 4 all hit 10 with Johanna Skottheim cleaning too. 5th went to another Swede Mona Brorsson with 9/10 and getting a second PB in 2 days was Dzinara Alimbekava in 6th also with 1 miss.

There was some unbelieveable shooting in the women’s field with Tuuli Tomingas (PB in 7th), Chloe Chevalier (8th), Maren Hammerschmidt (9th), Emilie Kalkenberg (PB in 14th), Iryna Kryuko (15th), Aita Gasparin (20th), Lisa Vittozzi (25th), Clare Egan (27th), Monika Hojnisz-Starega (31st), Christina Rieder (33rd), Dunja Zdouc (34th), Kinga Zbylut (40th), Maria Zdravkova (73rd), Asuka Hachisuka (75th) and Ieva Puce (103rd) all hitting 10/10! Well done ladies!

Irina Kazekevich pushed her personal best up to 28th with 9/10.

It’s now time for the biathletes to pack their bags for the long journey to….Kontiolahti! That’s right we are staying here for World Cup round 1 proper which starts on Thursday with more sprints! See you then!

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KONTIOLAHTI #1 : The Individuals!

Welcome back everyone – the 2020/21 biathlon season has begun! We all know by now it is going to be a different one as we have already had positive covid tests, people not getting tests done in time to race and possibly a testing error before the first race! While it might be strange times off the track on it we have already had some top performances!

The Individuals got us underway here in Finland and it was nice of the IBU to give the biathletes the toughest race first up! It’s like starting school with an exam!

The men raced first and gave us a brand new winner. Sturla Holm Laegreid took his debut win on the World Cup with some outstanding shooting hitting 20/20. To be fair he doesn’t miss much on the range having missed just one target in his 5 World Cup starts so far. We saw his potential at the end of last season but I don’t think many people expected him to win quite so quickly.

Second place went to Johannes Boe who missed 1 shot. It’s like the summer never happened he is bang on form already. Third place went to Erik Lesser also hitting 19/20 getting his first podium in a while.

Quentin Fillon Maillet was 4th with 19/20, Ondrej Moravec hit 20 for 5th and Sebastian Samuelsson was 6th with 19 hits.

Canada’s Christian Gow was the only other man to hit the perfect 20 finishing 18th. There were personal bests for home racer Tuomas Harjula in 14th, Vytautas Strolia the birthday boy in 16th, Harry Lemmerer in 31st, Didier Bionaz in 42nd and Bogdan Tsymbal in 47th. It was aslo good to see two young Swiss racers take PB’s with debutant Niklas Harweg in 54th and Sebastian Stalder in 60th. Rudis Balodis also did well on his debut for Latvia finishing in 58th.

The women’s race was ridiculous – as usual! 15km, 4 shoots and it was won by 0.8 of a second. Dorothea Wierer took the victory with excellent shooting – 20/20 and a little help from bib23! She just scraped past Denise Herrmann who had one miss in the first prone. Third place went to Johanna Skottheim who had the perfect shoot and took her first ever podium.

Elvira Oberg was 4th with 19/20 getting her personal best, Linn Persson hit all the targets in 5th and Anais Bescond was 6th with one miss. The Swedish team had Hanna Oberg in 7th and Mona Brorsson in 11th too. Watch out for them in next week’s relay!

Anais Chevalier-Bouchet was 9th on her return to the sport after having a baby. There were more personal bests elsewhere in the field for Dzinara Alimbekava in 8th, Ida Lien in 30th and Irina Kazakevich in 54th.

It was not such a good day for the Norwegian women with Tiril Eckhoff missing 7 to finish in 67th and Marte Olsbu Roeiseland in 24th missing 4 shots.

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Turn and face the strange
There’s gonna have to be a different schedule!

Well I hate to say I told you so but I did warn you back in August that there could be big changes to the biathlon schedule this season and it has happened.

Firstly the Junior Cup has been cancelled almost entirely with just the Youth/Junior World Championships surviving in February 2021. These will be held in Obertilliach.

Next the IBU Cup rounds in December have been cancelled with the season starting in January in Arber. There will only be 5 rounds in the season, 2 in Arber, 2 in Brezno-Orsblie and 1 in Ridnaun, with the Open European Championships going ahead in Duszniki Zdroj in January.

The para-biathlon World Cup has also been moved and will now start in January too. Oestersund was due to host the first round in December but it has been moved to January and will become the second round after Planica in Slovenia. The World Championships are in Lillehammer in February and the final World Cup will be in Beijing on the 2020 Paralympic tracks in March.

The World Cup will now be the only biathlon to take place before Christmas. Oestersund has been cancelled and replaced by Kontiolahti which will host the ‘season opener’ and then World Cup 1. Annecy is cancelled and replaced by Hochfilzen which will now host World Cup 2 and 3.

The World Team Challenge which is held in Gelsenkirchen at the Schalke football stadium will not take place over the Christmas break this season.

In January there will be two visits to Oberhof for World Cups 4 and 5 with no Ruhpolding this season. Antholz will host World Cup 6 as scheduled.

The World Championships in Pokljuka will go ahead in February.

The rest of the calendar will be confirmed in November. We should be going to Beijing for the Olympic test event followed by Nove Mesto and then Holmenkollen.

I imagine that Beijing will have to stay on the calendar as the facilities and tracks have to be tested before 2022 and the athletes need to try the course and range.

However anything could happen with Nove Mesto and Holmenkollen. I suspect like the other decisions they will choose one to host 2 races to reduce travel and as Holmenkollen didn’t go ahead last season it would be the likely choice.

However it does depend if the venues are available to hold two events in a row. Apparently they sometimes use them for other sports – outrageous!

There was a lot of surprise when Oberhof was announced as hosting 2 World Cups as it is becoming known as ‘No-snowberhof’ but as it is the venue for the 2023 World Championships it would be difficult to skip it.

As for spectators at the World Cup it is basically out of the IBU’s hands. It will depend on the national governments rules in each country. Even if crowds are allowed I would imagine it would be at a reduced capacity not a full house.

So December is going to be dismal with only the World Cup to watch. I love the World Cup but it’s just not enough biathlon! However it is 2020 so we should probably just be grateful that there is any biathlon at all!

All of the above is still subject to possible ch-changes!

(I must credit David Bowie for helping with the opening paragraph!)

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Kontiolahti 2020: The Pursuits!

And deep breath! Wow what a day of biathlon that was! Both overall titles going down to the last lap of the season and two huge retirements from the sport!

It started with the men’s pursuit and with it being Martin Fourcade’s final ever race it was always going to be special. The overall was on the line and Fourcade needed to win to have a chance of taking it and of course he did. Unfortunately for him if Johannes Boe finished 4th he would claim the title an he did just that!

It was a careful start for Johannes who had a 21 second lead but he took a long time on the windy range. He hit all 5 in the first prone but so did Fourcade and Jacquelin who made up a lot of time with faster shooting. At the second prone both Frenchmen again hit all the targets but Boe missed one and left them in the lead.

At the third shoot Boe missed 3 and it looked like Martin could maybe take the big globe afterall. Both he and Jacquelin missed 1 shot but had a clear lead over Boe. Arnd Peiffer meanwhile moved into 3rd place and Quentin Fillon Maillet into 4th.

At the final shoot it was Fourcade’s turn to miss 2 and Jacquelin 3! This time Boe hit all 5 and found himself in a battle with Jacquelin and Fillon Maillet for the podium. Fourcade went on to win his last race – very Fourcade! – but Boe knew he just needed to be 4th. Lucky for him there were only 2 Frenchmen ahead of him as he was tiring towards the end but won the overall in the end by just 2 points.

Fillon Maillet was second and Jacquelin third making it a French clean sweep! Arnd Peiffer was 5th and Erlend Bjoentegaard 6th. It was a fitting way for Martin Fourcade to end such an amazing career. His first win was in the Kontiolahti pursuit and so was his last, his 83rd career victory! Astonishing!

Elsewhere Anton Smolski improved his PB to 14th and Said Khalili was 25th with 20/20 for a big personal best!

Just before the start of the women’s pursuit Kaisa Makarainen announced that she would also be retiring after the race! I mean how much do they think we can take in one day!

To the race itself and it was another showdown for the overall this time between Tiril Eckhoff and Dorothea Wierer. Eckhoff started in 3rd and Wierer in 19th so the advantage was with the Norwegian. At the first shoot she missed 2 and Wierer 1 but it was Franziska Preuss who hit 5/5 to take the lead on her own. Behind her came Denise Herrmann and Lisa Vittozzi.

The second prone was a disaster in a windy range for Preuss. She missed 4 but Marketa Davidova hit all 5 to take over at the front of the race. Vittozzi moved into second place and Julia Simon up to third. Eckhoff was into 4th while Wierer was 10th.

The first stand saw Eckhoff hit 5/5 and move into the lead followed by Simon and Vittozzi. Wierer missed 2 to leave the range in 16th place.

At the final shoot Eckhoff had a lot of problems and missed 3 targets! Julia Simon cleaned as did Selina Gasparin. Vittozzi missed 1 to find herself in second place behind Simon and just in front of Gasparin. Wierer missed 1 and was on the penalty loop with Eckhoff.

She came out ahead and just had to stay with Eckhoff for the final loop to take the overall. At the front Simon was taking her first ever win and Selina Gasparin passed Vittozzi to finish second with the Italian third.

Kaisa Makarainen in her final race had moved from 18th to 4th but just couldn’t manage one last podium! Monika Hojnisz-Starega was 5th and Mona Brorsson was 6th from a start of 25th!

Emilie Kalkenberg got a PB in 15th and weirdly the Oebergs finished in 18th (Hanna) and 19th (Elvira) and the Gasparins in 37th (Aita) and 38th (Elisa)! Sisters racing together!

In the end Eckhoff came home in 10th but with Wierer was 11th so it meant the big crystal globe was Doro’s once more winning by 7 points!

That is the end of the 2019/20 biathlon season! It has been one to remember and we will need the extra long break to recover I think!……can’t wait until next season though! Roll on November!

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Kontiolahti 2020: The Sprints!

We are living in crazy biathlon times! Last week we had no spectators in Nove Mesto and now the season has been cut short due to corona virus.

We were supposed to have a crowd here in Kontiolahti but then the Finnish government recommended not to hold public gatherings over 500 people just a few hours before the race so they were not let in. Then we discovered half way through the race that Oslo was cancelled and that this would be the final World Cup of the season. It’s a shame but not much you can do!

The poor US biathlon team had to make a mad dash to the airport to catch flights home before they were suspended by the US government so they could not race here.

So on to the racing. It was Johannes Boe who was again victorious in the men’s sprint. He hit 10/10 and out skied the field by 21 seconds to put himself in pole position to win the overall title. Martin Fourcade also hit 10/10 and put in a fearsome final lap to take second. Well Emilien Jacquelin said he stole it but that’s because he beat him into third place by just over a second.

Jacquelin also shot clean as did 13 out of the top 15!!! Vetle Christiansen finished 4th, Tarjei Boe was 5th and Benedikt Doll was 6th. He was one of those who hit 9/10!

Sturla Laegreid continued his rise with 10th place and another new PB. Said Khalili moved his from 44th to 42nd and Didier Bionaz smashed his from 72nd last week to 48th this week!

In the women’s race the conditions were much more difficult with wind and snow! It didn’t stop Denise Herrmann though! She took her second sprint win in a row with 9/10. Second place went to her teammate Franziska Preuss who also hit 9/10 and is on great form late in the season.

Third place went to Tiril Eckhoff who despite missing 2 shots skied like a demon on the final lap to reach the podium. It was crucial for her hopes in the overall especially as Dorothea Wierer could only finish in 19th place missing 3 targets.

Lisa Vittozzi was 4th with 9/10, Marketa Davidova was 5th also with 9/10 and Monika Hojnisz-Starega was 6th with a perfect shoot.

Chloe Chevalier got her PB in 8th hitting 9/10 and Susanna Meinen got her career best in 31st.

Saturday will see the final races of the season after Sunday’s relays were also cancelled. It will be a showdown in both the men’s and women’s pursuits to decide the overall titles. Wierer and Eckhoff go head to head and so will Johannes Boe and Martin Fourcade. It will be Fourcade’s final race as he has announced his retirement from the sport.

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Season Preview 2019/20: The Men!

The light bulbs in the floodlights have all been replaced in Oestersund, the fog machines have been serviced in Oberhof (you didn’t think that was real fog ,did you?) and the Kontiolahti Wall has been made a little bit steeper. All of which can only mean one thing – the biathlon season is about to start!

The schedule is a little different this year with Oestersund, Hochfilzen and Annecy before Christmas. Then comes Oberhof, Ruhpolding and Pokljuka. The World Championships are in Antholz and then we have three more World Cup rounds in Nove Mesto, Kontiolahti and Oslo.

The big question on everyone’s mind on the men’s World Cup is which Martin Fourcade is going to show up in Sweden? Will it be 7 times champion Martin Fourcade or 2018/19 Martin Fourcade? Fingers crossed it’s the former. It’s about time we had a proper head to head clash on the men’s World Cup.

Last season was fantastic for Johannes Boe. He won the big crystal globe with 1262 points which was 408 points ahead of his closest challenger Alexander Loginov and almost double the tally of Fourcade. Fourcade had many issues last year but he still had a great season by “normal biathlete” standards. However he is not a normal biathlete as we know and if he comes back with his old form we could have a battle between himself and Boe the likes of which we haven’t seen since Troy.

Of course there is an “Achillies Heel”! Johannes Boe is set to become a father for the first time in January. Obviously baby Boe has priority so it could mean him missing some races which could impact a close title fight. And there is Trojan Horse of injury and illness that could sneak up unexpectedly!

Won’t there be any other challengers for the title I hear you ask? No, probably not! There are many biathletes who ski as fast as Boe and Fourcade and many who shoot as well as them too. However there are none who can do both on such a consistent basis as our two favourites.

It is shaping up to be a fight between Norway and France not just via Boe and Fourcade but also with the rest of the guys too. Last season Quentin Fillon Maillet was excellent and finished third overall and Simon Desthieux was fourth. Tarjei Boe was sixth and Vetle Christiansen took a big step forward winning his first World Cup race. Antonin Guigonnat had a great season and Erlend Bjoentegaard will be looking to impress. So the relays could get very exciting as well as the individual races.

Who else should we be looking out for to do well this season? Who could taste victory for the first time and who could make the jump up onto the podium?

There is always a lot of attention on Sebastian Samuelsson after his Olympic successes but he is yet to win a race. I think people forget that he is still a biathlon “baby” aged just 22. He got his first World Cup podium last season and it would be great to see him make the jump up to the top step.

Johannes Keuhn had a great start last season getting a second place in the first race. However he faded a bit after the initial glory but it could be his chance this time to take a maiden victory.

Remember Michal Krcmar? He disappeared last season along with the rest of the Czech men’s team. The year before though he excelled so if he can get that old form back a win could be his for the first time. And let’s face it his rifle deserves a victory!

A surprise winner at the World Championships, it would be good to see Dmytro Pidruchnyi bring that confidence and attitude with him on to the World Cup this season and hopefully gets some more wins under his belt.

Johannes Dale is one to watch for possible podiums this season. He did really well debuting on the World Cup last year and has the ski speed to get among the top finishers. It would also be good to see Sean Doherty live up to the potential he showed as a Junior. 10th is his personal best so far but after joining the army this summer maybe a bit if discipline and a good haircut can propel him up the field! Attention!

Tero Seppala didn’t have the best season in 2018/19 but he had good results the year before so hopefully he can also take a step forward. Christian Gow had a fantastic season with two Top 10 finishes and he could be a good bet to grab Canada a podium this time round.

The men’s season for the Overall Title begins with the Sprint race in Oestersund on the 1st of December. The World Cup opens on the 30th of November with the single and mixed relays.

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