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So spelling isn’t my strong point, OK! 😉 The Olympics are coming up soon and so I have come up with a snazzy title for a little competition that will be running on my blog for the duration of the Games.

Some of you may remember at the World Championships I asked you to send me your predictions for the gold, silver and bronze medallists from each race. The winners received the “Retweet of Glory” and were afforded the title of “Biathlon Genius” for the day.

Well for the PyeongChang Olympics I am doing something similar. Well actually it’s exactly the same but with a better prize! More on the prize later first to the rules!

For each race you can ‘pick’ and submit your three choices for the medal winners via Facebook, Twitter or you can email them to biathlon23@gmail.com.

eg. Men’s Sprint : Gold – Martin Fourcade , Silver – Emil Svendsen , Bronze – Benedikt Doll
OR Women’s Relay : Gold – Germany, Silver – Ukraine, Bronze – France

You will receive 3 points if you guess the gold medallist correctly, 2 for the silver and 1 for the bronze. If you pick the biathlete in bib23 and they make the podium you will get double points. So for example if bib23 wins gold you get 6 points, 4 for silver and 2 for bronze.

The person with the most points at the end of the Olympics wins. Simple! Unless of course everyone has the same points – then I am in trouble! 😉

Entries must be received before the start of each race. Any entries after the start of the race will not count and you will be judged to be a rotten cheat!!!

The competition is open to everyone including biathletes, coaches, wax techs (although they might all be a bit busy), journalists, fellow bloggers and most importantly my readers who are the best people in the world! 🙂

So now to the prize. As I am a blogger there is no money or any kind of physical prize involved. Sorry but I have yet to gain a host of eager sponsors. If you are an avid reader of my blog however you may be happy enough with my offering.

The winner of the Olympicks gets control of their own or an existing Biathlon23 Award! That’s right you get the chance to invent your own award, subject to Biathlon23 approval of course, or select for example ‘Best Facial Hair’ and write the nominations, choose the winner and award your very own award!

It will be awarded in your name and be read by literally tens of people! OK maybe more like hundreds! It’s quite popular if I do say so myself! 😉

So what are you waiting for?! Get studying the form and make your OLYMPICKS!

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