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Suvi Minkkinen: The Interview!

Suvi Minkkinen is a Finnish biathlete born on the 8th of December 1994 in Joutsa. She made her debut on the World Cup in 2017 but last season was her most successful so far. Her best result came in the Ruhpolding when she broke into in the Top 30 for the first time after finishing 29th in the pursuit following a 31st place finish in the sprint.

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Why did you become a biathlete?

My younger brother started biathlon first and I followed him. I was watching some of his summer competitions and after that I asked my Dad if I could also come to the training. Before that I was a cross country skier but quickly I realised that biathlon is much more interesting.

How do you assess last season? What was good and what was bad?

My last season was a bit weird. The first half was really bad especially in the shooting range. It was mentally hard to process because I always think that shooting is my strength in biathlon. In the second half I did many career best results which I also expected from myself from the beginning of the season. After all I’m happy with last season because I had so many good races since the week in Ruhpolding. I think my skiing improved a lot and I also got my normal shooting level back during the season.

What are your plans for summer training? Has the corona virus affected the plans or the way you train?

We have quite a good situation in Finland and I have been able to train almost normally. Due to corona we haven’t been able to travel for high altitude camps but other than that it has been nice to stay home more than normally. But other than that summer training has gone well and as planned.

What are your strengths and weaknesses?

I think my strengths are fast and good shooting. I also like to sprint fast on the skis but I still have a lot to improve in longer distance skiing.

What are your goals for this season?

My goal is to be better than last year. I think if I would get most results between 20-30 places it would be a good step for me. And the perfect race could be top 15 or even top 10 I would be very happy.

Do you have a favourite biathlon track? Where is it and why?

I think I must say Ruhpolding is my favourite track. I have done good races there and I like the track profile. I also like many other tracks but this is probably the favourite.

Does your rifle have a name?

My rifle doesn’t have a name but I think it is a she 💁🏼‍♀️

Quick fire choices:
prone or standing? At the moment I would say standing but it depends, sometimes one position goes well and the other doesn’t and it’s frustrating.
against the clock or head to head racing? Head to head
uphill or downhill? Downhill. I hope someday I’m in such good shape that I could say uphill.
mixed relay or women’s relay? Both. I haven’t done so many mixed relays yet probably none🤔 but I like relays, also the single mixed relay is one of the favourites.
morning or night? Night. I’m not a morning person really 😂
sun or snow? Sun and snow?😎☀️❄ best combination
roller skiing or cycling? Roller skiing
alcohol or chocolate? Chocolate

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Ruhpolding 2020: The Sprints!

How can two venues in the same country be so different?! Gales and fog in Obehof, sunny calm conditions in Ruhpolding.

It was the women’s sprint on Wednesday that started this round of the World Cup. It was totally dominated by Tiril Eckhoff. No one could touch her! She hit 10/10 and skied so fast that she finished 30 seconds ahead of her nearest challenger! I don’t know what happened to Eckhoff over the summer but it seems she has finally learned that hitting targets on a regular basis is a good thing in biathlon! She now has 5 wins this season and has moved into the yellow bib!

Second place went to Hanna Oeberg who was also on great form shooting 10/10. Dorothea Wierer was third also hitting the perfect score but it wasn’t good enough to hold on to the yellow bib.

In 4th was a fantastic Hanna Sola who from bib 76 shot clean and smashed her personal best. Her previous best result was 30th! Paulina Fialkova was 5th also hitting 10/10. Marte Roeiseland was 6th and the only one in the top six to miss 1 target.

There were more great performances from Johanna Skottheim with her personal best in 13th, Elena Kruchinkina with hers in 16th, Suvi Minkkinen got her PB in 31st as did newcomer Michela Carrara in 55th.

The men’s sprint was on Thursday and had equally good conditions. That meant that perfect shooting was again required to win and that’s exactly what the top three did today.

Coming out on top for his 80th World Cup win was Martin Fourcade. It was close between him amd teammate Quentin Fillon Maillet in second though. There was only 3.1 seconds between them at the finish. Third place went to Benedikt Doll which was the same position he finished in here last year!

Fourth place went to Vetle Christiansen who might have won today if he hadn’t missed one target! Simon Desthieux was fifth as was Fabien Claude who finished in exactly the same time both with 1 miss. It was Claude’s personal best finish.

Getting another personal best in 7th was Philipp Nawrath who stepped up from the IBU Cup.

It now means that France have the top three positions in the Overall with Fourcade, Fillon Maillet and Desthieux 1,2 and 3! Mon dieu! 😉

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Ruhpolding 2018: The Individuals!

We are still in Germany but the move to Ruhpolding changed the weather. Warm and sunny conditions made the tracks soft and the skiing hard. Light winds made the shooting less difficult, well compared to the fog of Oberhof anyway!

The win went to Martin Fourcade. He had the good fortune to be wearing bib 23 which of course was the key to victory. Missing just 1 target and being the fastest skier on the tracks helped too! It was a great display from Fourcade taking his 14th podium finish in row which is just amazing.

Second place went to Ondrej Moravec. He shot the perfect 20/20 but couldn’t match Fourcade on the skis finishing over a minute behind. He is coming into form just before the major Championships start like he always does. Copy his preparation other biathletes!

Third place went to Johannes Boe who also missed 1 target but was 1 minute and 6 seconds behind Fourcade. However as there are no more Individual races this season and the Olympics doesn’t count towards the World Cup competitions he shares the small crystal globe with Martin Fourcade both finishing on 108 points.

Roman Rees had the race of his life in 4th hitting 20/20 and achieving a career best result. Fifth went to Michal Krcmar with 20/20 and Dominik Landertinger was 6th with 1 miss after his return from back surgery.

There were more personal bests for Miha Dovzan in 17th, Vassiliy Podkorytov in 44th, Gheorghe Pop in 55th, Timur Khamitgatin in 60th and Ondrej Hosek on his World Cup debut in 67th.

The women on Thursday had an almost wind free day for shooting. This time we saw Dorothea Wierer take her first win of the season and the 4th win of her career. She likes the Individual and shot 20/20 to win by almost 13 seconds. Second place went to the birthday girl Kaisa Makarainen. If she made a wish for clean shooting it didn’t come true after she missed 1 target on the first prone!

Third place went to Canada’s Rosanna Crawford who started bib 96 after a pretty poor season to date. Not today though! She was fantastic hitting 20/20 and achieving her first ever podium finish outside of the relays. She has had a tough time lately and it is great to see her performing so well.

Yuliia Dzhima was 4th and Valj Semerenko was 5th both hitting 20/20. Darya Domracheva was 6th with 2 misses.

The small crystal globe went to Nadezhda Skardino who was 7th shooting clean taking her first ever title.

There were more personal bests for some of the other women with Chloe Chevalier in 20th, Urska Poje in 45th, Yelizaveta Belchenko in 61st and Suvi Minkkinen in 69th.

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