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Sebastian Stalder: The Interview!

Sebastian Stalder is a Swiss biathlete from Wald. The 22-year-old started biathlon in 2012 and made his debut on the World Cup in 2018. Last season he competed in the Junior Cup, the IBU Cup and the World Cup. His best result came at the Junior World Championships where he took the bronze medal in the individual race.

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Why did you become a biathlete?

I was a cross country skier until I was 14, then I tried something new and I was talented in shooting. At 16 years old I had to decide, biathlon was way more interesting for me, so my decision was correct. Sometimes I miss racing in classic technique, but I’ve never regretted changing.

You won the bronze medal in Lenzerheide in the individual. Tell us about the race and what it was like to get a medal at your home track?

It was a very special day, there were so many people and it was freaking loud on the whole track. I never saw something like that before. In the last standing shooting I missed one shot, but the whole audience cheered for me on the last lap, so I got strength again for the last uphills until I was across the finish line. I was very happy about this third place and I finally won a medal at a junior world championships.

How do you assess the rest of last season? What was good and what was bad?

It was an up and down. There were some good races but also bad ones. My personal highlight of this season, was the WC relay in Nove Mesto. It was my first World Cup relay ever and I had to start on first position for team Switzerland. My prone shooting was one of the best I’ve ever done and for a few seconds I led the race. At the end the Swiss team finished in 9th position.

How do you feel about the IBU Cup now starting in January? Do you have to change your preparations/training for the season?

I won’t change my preparations. If I’m in good shape in November there is a chance to start in the World Cup. If not then there are some small competitions called “Alpencup”. I would start in this series until the IBU Cup starts.

What are your strengths and weaknesses?

My biggest strength is maybe my shooting, it’s not always perfect but mostly the targets get clean.

But sometimes the shooting is also my weakness, I want to do it much too fast and then you can see me in the penalty loop.

What are your goals for this season?

I want to be a part of the Swiss World Cup team, do some good races and catch some World Cup points.

Who is your roommate on tour and do they have any bad habits (eg. snoring) or good habits (eg. tidy)?

It’s different, sometimes I’m with Nico Salutt and the next time with Sandro Bovisi.

One of them can play guitar very good but he is talking at night. The other is snoring when we take an after lunch nap (only then), but for that he’s more orderly than the other.

You are having a dinner party with 3 other biathletes. Who would you invite and why? What’s on the menu?

Many of us live in Lenzerheide, when there is enough time, we try to cook together once a week. So mostly we are about 6-8 persons. The menu is different, but often we eat Fajitas, because everyone likes it and it’s easy to serve.

What are your hobbies?

Trying new things on my rifle to get faster on the shooting range and netflix.

Do you have a favourite biathlon track? Where is it and why?

Of course Lenzerheide, the track includes everything. I like the shooting range and I did some good races there.

Who is your favourite biathlete (past or present) and why?

Johannes Thingnes Bø, he is simply a great sportsman on and off the track.

Does your rifle have a name?

No, but I built it myself.

Describe yourself in three words.

Ambitious, quiet, always motivated

Quick fire choices:

Choose one:

skiing or shooting? shooting

prone or standing? prone
against the clock or head to head racing? head to head
uphill or downhill? uphill
morning or night? morning
sun or snow? snow
roller skiing or cycling? cycling

alcohol or chocolate? chocolate

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Mario Dolder: The Interview!


Mario Dolder is a Swiss biathlete who was born on the 22nd of June 1990. He won a Youth/Junior World Championships bronze medal in the Sprint race in Canmore in 2009. His best result on the World Cup is 16th place from the Sprint race in Holmenkollen in 2015. He has taken part in 4 World Championships and his best overall finish in the Total Score is 46th which he achieved in Season 2014/15. He missed the first part of last season with an injury but came back to finish the season well.

Check out his website: http://www.mariodolder.ch/
You can like his Facebook page: Dolder Mario
He’s got his own Fan club too: http://www.mariodolder-fanclub.ch/

Why did you decide to become a biathlete?

I love to be active in nature and doing sports. My parents taught me cross-country skiing. I did some races and once I tried biathlon. I had a lot of fun and decided to start a biathlon career.

How do you assess last season? Were you pleased with your results?

In summer 2015 I had two knee injuries and lost a lot of power. Therefore my first race was in Ruhpolding in January. My shape wasn’t good and the races were bad. In February my shape was much better and I was 24th two times in Presque Isle…pretty good results for me.

What have you already done for summer training and what is the plan until the season starts?

We have had a good summer of training with the Swiss-Team. We trained a lot in Andermatt, our training base, but also in Crete, Antholz, Obertilliach, Ruhpolding and Oberhof.

What are your strengths and weaknesses?

Strengths: Prone Shooting, Sprint races

Weakness: My inconsistency

What are your goals for this season?

A Top 15 finish on the World Cup.
To finish in the Top 40 on the World Cup overall.

The Swiss men’s team is improving. Do you think you can do well in the relays next season?

We are looking forward to the relays. Especially in the relay at the World Championships in Hochfilzen. We will try to beat our best result from Kontiolahti (7th).

You took part in the Single Mixed Relay in Canada. Do you like this new event?

For me it is a fun competition for entertainment, but not needed on the World Cup.

You have your own fan club! Do they come to a lot of races? Can you hear them on the tracks?

Normally they visit two or three races each season. The support is very good! For sure…they are the loudest of all. 😉

Do you have a favourite biathlon track? Where is it and why?

Antholz. I love the profile and the landscape.

Who is your favourite biathlete (past or present) and why?

Berni Leitinger (AUT)- he had a really serious illness two years ago. But he fought like a lion, and now he is back on the track! RESPECT!!!

Does your rifle have a name?


Describe yourself in three words.

Focused, calm, good-humoured.

Quick fire Questions:

Favourite biathlon nation (not your own): Belgium
Favourite rifle design (any biathlete): Anton Shipulin
Favourite shooting range: Pokljuka
Lucky bib number: 22
Funniest biathlete on the World/IBU Cup: Kauri Koiv
Nicest biathlete on the World/IBU Cup: Alexia Runggaldier
Best thing about being a biathlete: Season-End Party in Khanty 😉

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