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Pokljuka 2021: The Relays!

It was double relay day in Pokljuka on Saturday and it was double gold day for Norway! It’s not really a surprise as they were the favourites for both races but you still have to perform out on the tracks and in the range.

The women were first to race and it was another masterclass in relay first legs from Lisa Vittozzi. She was perfect on the range and put Italy into a 16 second lead at the first exchange. If every race was a relay she would be winning them all!

Second to hand over was Ingrid Tandrevold who used just one spare in her standing shoot and skied really well to make up time on the Italian. Germany were in third thanks to perfect shooting from Vanessa Hinz.

Michela Carrara took the second leg for Italy and she was chased down pretty quickly by Tiril Eckhoff. Despite 3 spares she put Norway into the lead. It was Belarus who would exchange in second after 10/10 for Dzinara Alimbekava and Ukraine were into third with Yuliia Dzhima.

The third leg saw Ida Lien take over for Norway and it was a very impressive run from her. She had some trouble on the standing shoot needing two spares and exiting behind Darya Blashko but she caught and passed her on the tracks to put Norway in pole position once again.

Blashko looked very tired and couldn’t hold onto second place. She was passed by Belarus and Poland who went into third. Meanwhile Denise Herrmann was making up ground on the tracks to put Germany back in contention after a slow second leg by Jannina Hettich.

It was Marte Olsbu Roeiseland on the anchor leg for Norway and just like in the mixed relay she had a few issues on the range. This time it was the prone that caused her trouble and just like the mixed relay she had three targets to hit with 3 spare rounds and she did it! Again! She has unbelieveable focus to hold her nerve under such pressure. She needed just 1 spare in the stand and would go onto secure gold for Norway, their third win in a row in the women’s relay at World Championships.

The race for second and third was very dramatic. Franziska Preuss was perfect on the range and this caught her right up to Olena Pidrushna who had been in second. It was the Ukrainian who led on almost the whole lap right until the last second. Preuss nipped ahead of her right on the line to snatch the silver medal! Ukraine had to settle for bronze.

Belarus were 4th, Sweden 5th and Poland finished in an excellent 6th.

Norway led the men’s race at every exchange and took the gold medal by 33 seconds. It wasn’t as easy for them as that sounds but they were never seriously challenged except maybe by themselves.

Birthday boy Sturla Laegreid got them off to a great start using a spare on each shoot which put Norway into a 22 second lead. It was Belarus who were in second at this point after a good leg by Mikita Labastau. France were third after single mixed relay champion Antonin Guigonnat just avoided the penalty loop using all three spares in his standing shoot.

Tarjei Boe took over the second leg and after a faultless prone he had to do a “Roieseland” and use all his spares on the standing to swerve a penalty loop. Lukas Hofer had to do the same but was brilliant on his skis to put Italy into second place. Ukraine were now in third with Dmytro Pidhruchnyi. One man who didn’t avoid the penalty loop was Quentin Fillon Maillet which dented France’s chances.

Johannes Boe was now on track after being switched from the anchor leg. It was a good move after he used just 1 spare in the prone to hand over a 45 second lead. Tommaso Giacomel had a brilliant prone and was in fact catching Boe but pushed too hard on his second lap, made a mess of the standing and was on the penalty loop. That left Artem Pryma in second and moving up the ranks were the RBU who went into third.

Vetle Christiansen was on the last leg for Norway in case a sprint finish was required but it obviously was not today! He cleaned the prone but just to make it a bit more entertaining needed 2 spares in the standing. It would be a cruise to the line for him to give Norway gold.

The race for the other medals was really hotting up behind. Eduard Latypov put the RBU into second after cleaning the prone. However behind him Sebastian Samuelsson, Emilien Jacquelin and Dominik Windisch all did them same and were hunting him down.

At the final standing shoot it was Samuelsson who showed his class knocking down all 5 targets in 19 seconds! Latypov need 1 spare and was only a few seconds ahead of the Swede leaving the range. Samuelsson closed him down very quickly despite dropping his glasses and was passed him in a flash. Silver was Sweden’s and Latypov hung on for bronze although he looked very tired doing so.

France were 4th, Ukraine 5th and Italy 6th.

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Antholz 2021: Mass Start/Relay!

WOW! We were treated to two thrilling races in Antholz today both of which went down to the final few metres! It was almost as good as getting two scoops of gelato for free!

The first race was the women’s mass start. It was a close race on the prone stages with Dorothea Wierer taking the lead after the first shoot followed by Hanna Oberg and Lisa Hauser. Julia Simon, last week’s winner was 28th after one miss. After the second prone it was Oberg and teammate Linn Persson who were out first but with another 9 women shooting clean nothing was decided yet.

The third shoot was where the field started to thin out. It was Svetlana Mironova who took the lead over Franziska Preuss and fellow Russian Evgeniya Pavlova all of whom were now 15/15 on the range.

However at the last shoot it all fell apart for the Russians. Mironova missed two as did Pavlova and Preuss missed one. Behind them Hanna Oberg shot clean, as did Lisa Hauser and they were now 1 and 2 leaving the range. Preuss slotted into third after her penalty loop but right after her was Julia Simon! After missing one shot on each of the first three shoots she cleaned number four and was in sight of the lead.

She caught and passed all three of the women ahead of her but Hanna Oberg was strong enough to hang on to her. It would be a race between these two for the win. It was Simon who took it in the end but just by a whisker! Oberg tried her best to pass Simon before the line but the Frenchwoman took her second mass start victory in a row by just 0.2 of a second.

Hauser stayed in third adding to her stunning results since the Christmas break. Preuss was 4th, Marketa Davidova 5th and Mironova 6th. Roeiseland and Eckhoff were 7th and 8th missing 3 and 4 shots respectively. Karoline Knotten was the only woman in the field to hit 20/20.

Later we had the men’s relay which saw more close racing. It was Norway who took the early lead after leg one with Sturla Laegried exchanging first in front of Erik Lesser and Anton Babikov. Last week’s winners France were just 9 seconds back after a solid leg from Antonin Guigonnat.

An impressive leg from Matvey Eliseev put Russia into the lead after leg two. He was ahead of Italy with Tommaso Giacomel and Germany with Roman Rees. Norway were on the penalty loop with Johannes Dale repeating his mistake from last week. France were still going along nicely just 15 seconds behind the leaders despite Quentin Fillon Maillet needing 4 spares.

Alexander Loginov took over for Russia on leg three. He cleaned the prone but had a nightmare on the standing and was on the penalty loop. This let France into the lead with Simon Destheiux using just 1 spare. He was just ahead of Germany’s Arnd Peiffer and Norway were back in the race in fourth after a strong leg from Tarjei Boe.

Emilien Jacquelin found himself in front alongside Benedikt Doll with Eduard Latypov a few seconds back. However the pace wasn’t high at the front and Johannes Thingnes Boe caught them all by the first prone which he cleaned and headed off in the lead.

He arrived at the final shoot with a small gap and went for a quick first shot. He got 4 out of 5 and needed to use a spare. Jacquelin meanwhile hit 5/5 and left the range only a few seconds behind Boe. Latypov needed all 3 of his spares and Doll 2 of his so we had a race for first and third!

Boe tried to break Jacquelin on the uphills but couldn’t shake him off. In the final few hundred metres Jacquelin took the lead and there was nothing Boe could do to stop France winning their second relay in a row. It was very similar to the World Championship pursuit finish on the same course here last year.

Russia took third with Latypov skiing away from a tired looking Doll in the final couple of hundred metres.

Italy were 5th, Austria 6th and there was a great result for the Finnish team in 7th.

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Oberhof #2 2021: Men’s Relay!

We saw some brilliant individual performances today in Oberhof but unfortunately they were in the relay which of course requires a team performance!

The rock solid team on skis and on the range proved to be France who took the victory. They used just 6 spares between them to take the first ever relay win for France in Oberhof.

The story of the race is more complicated than just the great work from the winning team though. The first leg of the relay saw a fabulous standing shoot from Erik Lesser. After needing 2 spares in the prone he came into the standing in 13th place, hit 5 super fast and left in 1st!

Thomas Bormolini was also impressive using 1 spare in the stand but he hung on to Lesser to hand over to Lukas Hofer in second place just behind Germany. France were third after a solid leg from Simon Desthieux with a spare required in the prone and standing.

The second leg saw Hofer continue his fantastic recent form. He hit 10/10 and skied away from the group to put Italy in front at exchange two. Behind him Quentin Fillon Maillet was also perfect on the range for France. Benedikt Doll needed a spare in each shoot but Johannes Dale missed in the prone and incurred a penalty loop for Norway!

The third leg saw Tommaso Giacomel take over in the lead for the Italians with Fabien Claude and Arnd Peiffer giving chase. In the prone they all needed spares but there was not much between them.

It was in the standing where Giacomel really stood out. He was third into the range but left first after hitting 5/5 in around 18 seconds! I guess that’s what happens when you hang out with Dorothea Wierer!

However the 20-year-old was not strong enough on the tracks to hold off he other two and it was Peiffer who exchanged in the lead from Claude with Giacomel third.

Sneaking up behind was Tarjei Boe who after hitting 10/10 and making up ground on the leading three handed over to his brother.

Johannes Boe was chasing down Philipp Horn, Emilien Jacquelin and Dominik Windisch. At the prone shoot Horn had a nightmare ending up with three penalty loops. It was one spare for Jacquelin but none for Windisch and Boe.

France were in the lead with a decent gap from the chasing pair. At the final standing Jacquelin needed just one spare to hit all the targets and finally banished his relay demons (we hope once and for all!). It was a relatively easy final lap for him but after Boe hit all 5 quickly he had to make sure he didn’t take it too easy.

Unfortunately Windisch required two spares and that put him out of the running for second place but he did bring Italy home for third behind France and Norway.

Russian were 4th after being 22nd at the first exchange they made up alot of ground! Germany were 5th and the Ukraine 6th with some unbelievable shooting using just 2 spares in total!

Canada had a good race in 8th after staring 14th with great performances from the youngsters on legs 3 and 4, Trevor Kiers and Adam Runnalls backing up the Gow brothers.

Tomorrow it’s the women’s turn to race the relay. Hopefully it will be as eventful as the mens!

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Oberhof #1 2021: Sprints!

Welcome to the first biathlon races of 2021 in Oberhof! There was fresh snow, light winds and very little fog which continues the strange times we are living in! I did have to double check it was Oberhof!

Two sprints were on the cards today and the women raced first with nice conditions for shooting but there was fresh, deep snow and a new track to contend with which made the skiing tough.

Tiril Eckhoff wasn’t bothered by that though! She took the win today with perfect shooting and a magnificent ski. She was composed on the range and then after all the targets went down flew around the final lap to back up her sprint win from Hochfilzen. She is the form biathlete with 3 wins in the last 4 races.

Hanna Oberg matched her on the range with 10/10 but finished close to 30 seconds behind in second place. Third place went to Lisa Hauser who despite missing one shot in the stand skied really well to get her first ever World Cup podium and personal best result.

Julia Simon was 4th with 2 misses but again she is skiing super fast. A clean shoot from her and she could have won the race and she will when she sorts out her issues on the range. 5th went to Marte Olsbu Roeiseland who also hit 8/10. Fresh from her win at the World Team Challenge Evgeniya Pavlova hit 10 to finish in 6th with her personal best.

Maria Zdravkova hit all 10 for a PB in 46th.

It seems there was not a lot of eating, drinking and making merry in Norway this Christmas because after Tiril’s win the men made it a clean sweep of the podium in the afternoon! Looks like they have all been training hard in the holidays.

It was Johannes Boe who was back on top despite missing 1 in the stand and breaking a pole. He still managed to take his 50th career win and finish 10 seconds ahead of brother Tarjei.

The elder Boe has kept his good form this season and hit 10/10 in second place. He also showed a clean pair of heels to the young whippersnapper Sturla Laegreid who also hit all 10 but was 11 seconds behind Tarjei in third.

After him came Lukas Hofer in 4th with one miss. It was by far his best race this season.5th place went to another Norwegian with Johannes Dale shooting 9/10. Martin Ponsiluoma was 6th despite missing two.

There was a personal best for Raman Yaliotnau in 10th with no misses. Eduard Latypov was 11th for his PB with 9/10. Two debutants on the World Cup also got impressive results first time out with Sivert Bakken in 24th (10/10) and Emilien Claude in 33rd (10/10).

It will be a first WC pursuit race tomorrow for Alexandr Mukhin after his PB in 51st and for Pavel Magazeev with his PB in 59th.

It was good to see Italy’s Tommaso Giacomel back on the World Cup in 43rd place after struggling with his health after contracting corona virus in the summer.

Don’t miss the pursuit races tomorrow they should be a lot of fun but will Norway do the double again, will the fog come back? Tune in and see!

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Nove Mesto 2020: The Sprints!

It was a very different Nove Mesto which greeted our biathletes for the Sprint races. There are no fans here due to corona virus so the stand are all lying empty. Some people have complained about it but they would complain more if they caught it, sneezed on their grandmother and killed her so we just have to get on with it.

One person who wasn’t complaining was Denise Herrmann. The silence in the stadium helped her hit 10/10 and with her fast skiing no one could beat her in the sprint. Anais Bescond also hit 10/10 to take second place. It was great shooting considering the windy conditions.

Third place went to home favourite and bib23 wearer Marketa Davidova with 9/10. It was a shame for her not having the huge Czech crowd there to cheer for her podium place.

Mari Eder was 4th with her best result for a while, Tiril Eckhoff was 5th despite 2 misses and Hanna Oeberg was 6th with 1 miss. Dorothea Wierer was 24th meaning her lead in the total score is getting smaller!

Elvira Oeberg got her personal best in 8th with 10/10 as did Regina Oja in 20th with 9/10. Fanqi Meng improved ger PB to 38th with 10/10 and Erika Jaenkae got a massive PB in 46th with 9/10.

In the men’s race it was speed that won the day with Johannes Boe hitting 10/10 and winning by nearly 23 seconds! Quentin Fillon Maillet was second also hitting 10/10 but wasn’t fast enough for the win. Third went to Tarjei Boe who also shot the perfect score to complete the Boe-dium!

Home boy Michal Krcmar was 4th and Jakov Fak 5th both with 10/10 and Martin Fourcade was 6th with 1 miss and two broken poles!

Tero Seppala got his personal best in 7th with 10/10. Sturla Laegreid made his World Cup debut for Norway, hit 10/10 and finished 13th! Fangming Cheng got his PB in 16th with 10/10 and another debutant 19-year-old Tommaso Giacomel of Italy hit 10/10 to finish 27th! Said Khalili got his best result so far in 44th despite 2 misses.

Special mention for Jakub Stvrtecky who fell, got caught in the nets at the side of the tracks and had to use the spare rifle but still hit 10/10!

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Youth World Champs: Otepaa 2018!

After all the biathlon pensioners took part in the Winter Olympics it was time for the youths to shine at the Youth World Championships in Otepaa, Estonia.

It was a cold start for the first two races, the women’s and men’s Individuals. Sweden’s Elvira Oberg won the women’s race on her 19th birthday. She is the younger sister of Hanna and now they both have a gold medal so there should be no fighting at the Oberg residence! She hit 19/20 to win by 35 seconds. Russian Anastasiya Shevchenko took the silver medal with 18/20 and the bronze went to her teammate Anastasiia Goreeva who hit 17/20.

In the men’s race Mikhail Pervushin won the gold medal also with 19/20. The 19-year-old Russian beat Norway’s Filip Andersen by 12 seconds. Andersen also hit 19/20 to take the silver ahead of the amazingly named Frenchman Martin Bourgeois Republique who hit 18/20 to win bronze.

It was still freezing on Wednesday for the relays. The women’s race went down to the line with a sprint finish between Sweden and Finland. It was Elvira Oberg who won it giving Sweden the gold and making it a golden double for her. Along with teammates Amanda Lundstroem and Ella Halvarsson they needed just 6 spares on the range. The Finnish team of Jenni Keranen, Kaisa Keranen and Heidi Nikkinen went on the penalty loop twice. Bronze went to Norway with a team of Marte Johansen, Sigrid Vig and Juni Arnekleiv who also went two times around the penalty loop.

In the men’s race it was Russia who took the gold with Denis Tashtimerov, Andrei Viukhin and Mikhail Pervushin despite two penalty loops. It meant double gold for Pervushkin too. The Czech team took the silver with just 7 spares needed by Vitezslav Hornig, Tomas Mikyska and Mikulas Karlik. The bronze went to Norway’s team of Eirik Gerhardsen, Martin Alfheim and Filip Andersen.

The Sprint races took place on Friday and it was treble gold for our two young champions Elvira Oberg and Mikhail Pervushkin. Oberg missed 1 shot but still managed to win by 13 seconds. Silver went to Heidi Nikkinen also with 1 missed target. A clean shoot won Amanda Lundstroem the bronze.

Pervushkin won his third gold with 10/10 on the range and a 21 second lead to take into the Pursuit. Silver went to Italy’s Tommaso Giacomel who also shot clean. The bronze went to Vitezslav Hornig who had 1 miss.

The final races were the Pursuits on Sunday. None of the medallists from the women’s sprint could hold on to their places and the gold medal went to Anastasiia Goreeva who started 4th. Despite missing 3 targets she took the win by 17.5 seconds. With just 1 miss Germany’s Franziska Pfnuer came from 14th to win the silver medal and the bronze went to Amy Baserga of Switzerland. She came from 16th hitting 18/20 to finish third.

The men’s pursuit was a clean sweep for Russia. Andrei Viukhin went from 7th to 1st even though he missed 4 targets. He knocked teammate Mikhail Pervushkin off the top of the podium for the first time this week. He had to settle for silver after also missing 4 shots. The bronze went to Aleksei Ogorelkov who hit 18/20 and went from 12th to 3rd.

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