Biathlete 23


Who is going to win the race? Who will be the best shot? Who will be the fastest skier? WHO CARES?!!! The most important questions are who will wear bib23? Who will be biathlete23 and who will get the points?! Follow the progress of bib 23 here from November 2017.

Season 2017/18
Running Total: 143
Men: 60 Women: 83

World Cup 3: Annecy Le Grand Bornand
Men: Women:

Women’s Sprint:
Biathlete23 was Anastasiya Kuzmina (SVK) who won!!! YES 1st place = 60 points!!

World Cup 2 Hochfilzen 2017:
Total: 30
Men: 24 Women: 6

Women’s Pursuit:
Biathlete23 was Justine Braisaz (FRA) who was 35th! 6 points

Men’s Pursuit:
Biathlete23 was Sean Doherty (USA) who was 17th! 24 points

Women’s Sprint:
Biathlete23 was Mona Brorsson (SWE) who was 81st.

Men’s Sprint:
Biathlete23 was Scott Dixon (GBR) who was 105th.

World Cup 1 Oestersund 2017:
Total: 113
Men: 36 Women: 77

Men’s Pursuit:
Biathlete23 was Lukas Hofer (ITA) who was 11th! 30 points

Women’s Pursuit:
Biathlete23 was Marie Dorin Habert (FRA) who was 14th! 27 points

Men’s Sprint:
Biathlete23 was Maxim Tsvetkov (RUS) who was 35th! 6 points

Women’s Sprint:
Biathlete23 was Hilde Fenne (NOR) who was 18th!!! 23 points

Men’s Individual:
Biathlete23 was Volodymyr Siemkov (UKR) who was 78th. 0 points

Women’s Individual:
Biathlete23 was Darya Domracheva (BLR) who was 14th!!! 27 points


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